15 Interesting Reasons Why Knitters Started Knitting

September 23, 2022 4 min read 0 Comments

Reasons why we knit

How we choose to spend our free time says something about who we are. 

Think back to when you first picked up those knitting needles and created your very first stitch. There was a reason that you chose to knit in that moment. And many knitters pause and then come back to the hobby that feeds them in so many ways. We have gathered our favorite reasons for knitting and are happy to share them here.

Knitting Is Joyful

The process of knitting is rhythmic and hypnotic and joyful. Gorgeous yarn textures being gracefully manipulated into a gradually growing piece of fabric is pure joy. 

Knitting Keeps Us Moving

Whether you feel the need to fidget while watching TV, riding the bus, or sitting in the stands at your child's sports event, knitting keeps our fingers busy and our minds stimulated. 

Knitting Is Social

When a creative begins knitting, they instantly form a common bond and a sense of familiarity with other knitters. Although knitting is viewed as a solitary hobby, it offers so many opportunities to socialize. Whether you engage in online knitting groups, knitting circles, or get together with a friend to knit on occasion, knitting is social. 

Knitting Teaches Patience

If you struggle with patience and are looking for a way to cultivate some, knitting is a great hobby. We all want to knit up a gorgeous sweater, but there are steps that every knitter must take to reach that skill level. Slow and steady wins the race in knitting.

Knitting Builds Confidence

If you have ever doubted whether you can hike up that hill, finish writing that book, or bake that perfect cake, knitting can help build confidence. Any mistake you ever make in knitting can be undone simply by undoing the stitches. When you finish that project and admire your knitted garment, you will feel like you can achieve anything. 

Create Meaningful Things

Buying clothes is fun, but actually making a high-quality garment that is guaranteed to last for decades is fulfilling. Giving a baby blanket is sweet but pouring your love into knitting a blanket for a new little life is supremely special. Wearing an heirloom shawl that your great-grandmother knitted nearly 100 years ago is inspiring and epic. Knitters get to be part of this with everything we knit. 

Gifts From Knitters Are The Best

When you are a knitter, everyone waits for your gifts. Gifts from knitters are meaningful, unique, and handcrafted. Whether they are loveys, sweaters, scarves, beanie hats, or blankets, they are one-of-a-kind and thoughtfully planned. 

Battle Mental Illness

Research shows that knitting can help with mental illnesses ranging from depression to ADHD. The act of knitting promotes order and calmness. Knitting gives purpose and instills self-confidence. People who suffer from various disorders can focus on a television show or movie better when knitting. Anyone who knits already knows how therapeutic knitting can be.

Knitting Is A Form Of Meditation

The rhythmic working of stitches calms your mind in a similar way as yoga or meditation. The act of knitting can slow down our thoughts and even put us into a meditative state. Knitting is like a mini mental vacation.

Prevent Cognitive Impairment

Many elder knitters will tell you that they knit because they love it, of course, but also because knitting decreases the odds of cognitive impairments, like dementia, by up to 50%. The act of knitting stimulates your brain in a way that keeps it nimble throughout your later years of life.

It Is An Addiction

Not all addictions are bad. Positive addictions, like knitting, improve the quality of one's life. Many knitters report daydreaming about knitting during their working hours. They rush home from work or school to resume their knitting project. Positive addictions, like knitting, can reduce our snacking and other harmful cravings. 

Knitting Isn't Too Physical

Several knitters will tell the story of how they started knitting while hospitalized or during a prolonged illness. Knitting fights boredom and can be done from a bed. It takes minimal physical effort to stitch up a project, but knitting works your mind, nonetheless. 

Knitting Can Be Simple Or Challenging

Knitting is versatile. If you are looking for something mundane and monotonous, knit up a simple project with a basic stitch pattern. Looking for a challenge? Knitting can deliver on that, as well. Whatever you are looking for during a certain time, knitting has you covered. 

Collecting Knitting Stuff Is Fun

Yarn, needles, stitch markers, project bags, embellishments- it's all so pretty and so much fun to collect. Being part of the knitting club means that you can be a sort of esoteric collector of all things knitting. 

Knitting Is Generational

If you are one of the lucky knitters who was taught by their mom or grandmother, you understand the deeper meaning of this hobby. Grandmothers have told stories of economic depression when making hand-knitted clothes and mending old clothes was a means of survival. Knitting has historic value and meaningful and nostalgic family stories are attached to the craft. 

Reflect on why you began knitting and all of the ways knitting has enriched your life. If you have the chance, pass the hobby onto someone. It could be the biggest gift of their life. 

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