Our Favorite Cardigan Knitting Patterns

August 16, 2022 3 min read 0 Comments

Two women wearing hand knitted cardigan sweaters

"This cardigan was made for drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes." 

Cardigans are a trusted staple in most closets and for several great reasons. They add color and styling to any outfit with ease. They accessorize with casual outfits and can also be dressed up. With a cardigan, you will be prepared for any temperature. And, all the cool celebrities wear cardigans. Although cardigans from Gap or J.Crew are classic and fashionable, hand-knitted cardigans are the most coveted. 

We have compiled some of our favorite cardigan knitting patterns and we encourage you to start knitting your own cardigan. 

Majuga Cardigan

The gorgeous Majuga Cardigan is a Zen Yarn Garden knitting kit that features elongated stitches and is worked from the top down in one piece. If you love the silver moon color- great! If you prefer another hand-dyed color, you are free to select a dyed-to-order colourway. Not only is this cardigan a fun knit, but it can be worn during every season and looks great with jeans or casual work pants. 

Zen Yarn Garden Cardigan Kit

Freija Cardigan

This asymmetrical cardigan features an intricate cable and bobble pattern along the right front, lower sleeves, and stand-up collar. The sleeves are worked first in the round, then set aside. The body is worked in one piece to the armholes, then the sleeves are joined in and the yoke is worked in one piece to the collar. This unique cardigan is available as a Zen Yarn Garden knitting kit. Perfect for an autumn walk or can be dressed up a bit for office casual. 

Freija Cardigan Knitting Kit

Stay At Home Cardigan

The Stay at Home Cardigan Sweater is the quintessential open-front cardigan - a layering piece that’s easy to dress up or dress down. Simple stitches and luscious yarn make a comforting knit that will make it into your wardrobe’s frequent rotation. The colourway featured in this sweater is called Patience and is just one of Zen Yarn Gardens hand-dyed colourways perfect for sweaters. 

Zen Yarn Garden Cardigan Kit

Chimney Fire Cardigan

Designed by Melissa J. Goodale of Stick Chick Knits, the Chimney Fire Cardigan will be an elegant staple to add to your wardrobe and will indeed be a pleasure to knit.

Cozy up by the hearth and break out your needles for Chimney Fire, a lush cardigan sweater pattern. Named for a cocktail made of amaretto, cinnamon, and hot apple cider, Chimney Fire features moss stitch, cables, and ribbing that will chase off the chill of cool winter nights. Even though it features top-down constructions, this Chimney Fire will have you saying “bottoms up!”

Freija Cardigan Knitting Kit

Checkmate Cardigan

This seamless, bottom-up raglan cardigan with V-neck features a deep lace hem with lace columns worked along shaping lines for an ultra-flattering fit. The Checkmate Cardigan is a Zen Yarn Garden knitting kit and includes the colourways as shown including Royal Blue and Gatsby Splatter. 

Zen Yarn Garden Cardigan Kit

Comfort Fade Cardigan

This super comfy open Comfort Fade Cardigan is so cozy with its garter shawl collar. The Reverse Stockinette makes a stunning canvas to fade on for the most unique cardigan in your wardrobe. This cardigan will keep you feeling cozy and stylish all in one. This cardigan is offered as a knitting kit with the colourways as shown including Silver Moon, Au Natural, Midnight & Paris.  

Freija Cardigan Knitting Kit

It's fine to be obsessed with cardigans- we are, too! Whether it is pumpkin spice season or a breezy summer night at the beach, there is always a good reason to wear a hand knitted cardigan sweater. 

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