The Ultimate Guide to Giving Knit Gifts

November 19, 2019 3 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Giving Knit Gifts

‘Tis the season to feel stressed about your gift knitting, right? 

Not if we can help it!

People often experience anxiety about what to give, how to give, how it will be received, and whether they'll be able to finish on time. 

We’re here to save the holidays for you! Here’s your how-to guide on all things cozy, hand-made gifting, and how to make sure you feel jolly throughout the process (and after)! 

Your timing:

When did you start thinking about your knitting gifts? If you’re anything like the average knitter it could be as soon as the last holiday season ended when you got online and started planning the yarn sales to buy from and projects to knit.

If you prefer to build a little stress into your knitting it was just a couple of months ago because nothing screams holidays are coming like imposing a deadline on yourself to create the perfect gift.

Either way, if you haven’t started by now, get crackin!

Use what you know to make something they’ll love!

When it comes to the person you have in mind, think about this: What are their favorite colors? Their favorite hobbies? Their favorite things to wear? Favorite things to do? Where do they live and what’s the weather usually like? Are they indoor or outdoor people (and tiny people)? Do they have a dog? 

If they love red, give ‘em red and orange! If they walked in the Women’s March, a “Pussy Hat” is never old news.  If you know they love to read, make them a set of bookmarks in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns! Did they just lose their favorite XYZ? Replace it!

Clues are everywhere!

How to sneakily find out if you don’t know them well at all…

Here are some “innocent” leading questions to ask. 

“I just realized I wear so much [insert color] I guess I have a spirit color! Am I the only one?”

“I'm surprised that this new sweater I got is itchy, do you ever have reaction to certain materials?”

“I’m taking a poll on people’s [sweater] sizes…it’s for the New York Times. Could you tell me yours?”

You get the idea. 

Also, if you’re on social media, look at what they’re wearing! Check out where they’re going! If you’re not on social media—well, we’re impressed you found this blog post, first of all—look at actual photos. Clues are everywhere!

There are also universal gifts...

Such as a beautiful basic scarf made of non-wool for people with allergies in a dark color or a mug cozy are pretty universal!  

Be sure to keep it fairly basic. There’s a reason that the Little Black Dress is such a fashion staple. It’s universally useful, practical, diverse in its uses and flattering. 

Remember, basic does not have to mean boring!

A black scarf or hat in a special fiber, or with a splash or speckle of sparkle or in a particularly lovely 4-row repeat pattern is still just as special as an elaborate sweater. 

If they are a knitter...

….there are so many tools alongside yarn that they may find useful, like blocking tools, stitch markers and rings that are just perfect for them, project bags, more needle sets (yes, we need more), blocking tools, winding or mugs that talk about how obsessed we all are with knitting!

(To make it easy on you, here’s a list of our personal favorites curated just for you guys!) 

Check that list twice!

If you’re totally honest with yourself, you have culled your list to the “knit worthy” folks in your circle of family, friends, coworkers, community members, service workers, mentors, anyone knit-gift-worthy. 

 You want to knit for those you know, or have a good feeling, will appreciate the time and effort you put into their creation.

Some people prefer store-bought or big label. Maybe leave them off the list. 

After you’ve made the gift, let go of the result. 

This year, we are not doing the “slight pang of sorrow.” You know, the one you get when you don’t see the recipient wearing your gift, or you imagine them tossing it aside. 

We are knitters, we are creators, we naturally want those we love to feel the same joy we do creating when they receive our gift. It’s just how us knitters are wired. 

How many of your finished pieces do you still have? Many of us will say “not many” because the joy of giving is tied to our joy of making. 

That is the true joy of holiday gift-knitting. 

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