5 Fun Teddy Bear Knitting Projects

May 16, 2022 2 min read 0 Comments

Teddy Bear Knitting Projects

Teddy bears are a childhood staple for most people. They evoke sweet memories of innocence and nostalgia of yesteryears. If you have never knitted a cuddly teddy bear, the project can range from beginner to expert, depending on the pattern. Knitted teddy bears make thoughtful gifts. They are also a welcomed donation at many children's organizations. The Mother Bear Project and Valerie's House are two such organizations. We have gathered some of our favorite free teddy bear knitting projects below.

Classic Teddy Bear

Classic Knitted Teddy Bear
Photo Credit: @NaylorMade

Each piece of this bear is knit separately and flat. Once all pieces are knitted, they are seamed together and the head and limbs are connected. The end result is a traditional teddy bear with an adorable face that sits up by itself. Find the free pattern here.

Tiny Izzy Teddy Bear Doll

Izzy Teddy Bear Doll

Photo Credit: Esther Braithwaite

The "Izzy" doll has become a heartfelt part of Canadian history dating back to 1994. The beloved doll has brought comfort to more than 2 million children suffering due to war or natural disaster. This teddy bear is an adorable take on the original doll. The pattern calls for knitting in the round and offers four sweater options and cute bear ears. A few quick lines of sewing creates the arms and legs. Find the free pattern here.

Little Mishka Teddy Bear

Little Mishka Teddy Bear
If your goal is to knit a teddy bear that looks like a plush, store bought teddy, you will love the Little Mishka teddy bear. Two skeins of faux fur yarn add an extra snuggly, soft feeling to this knitted bear. Most of the pieces are worked in the round using simple increases and decreases to add the shaping. The pieces are sewn together and an embroidered nose and eyes are added. The end result is a fuzzy bear perfect for bedtime snuggles. Find the free pattern here.

Healthcare Bear

Photo Credit: Sarah Gasson

We rely on our frontline healthcare workers more than ever during the ongoing pandemic. The healthcare teddy bear is the perfect gift for a loved one who is a doctor or nurse. Children who aspire to work in the healthcare industry will also love this teddy bear. The scrubs uniform and stethoscope are precious and make this teddy bear special. Find the free pattern here.

Magic Loop Teddy

Magic Loop Knitted Teddy Bear

Photo Credit: Simple Notable

If you are looking for a knitted teddy bear pattern that doesn't require a bunch of sewing, this is the one for you. This 10" teddy bear is knit in the round and shaped with increases and decreases. The only seaming you will have to do is for his ears and head. Find the free pattern here.

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