Steps for Knitting Your First Sweater

February 07, 2022 2 min read 0 Comments

Steps for Knitting Your First Sweater

Are you bored with knitting scarves and ready to move up to knitting a sweater? Knitting a sweater means that you've arrived in the knitting world! Very few things are more exciting.

Are You Ready to Knit a Sweater? 

Knitting your first sweater should be fun and challenging, but not terribly frustrating. To make sure you are ready to knit your first sweater, consider the following:

  • You know the basic stitches such as working both the purl and knit stitch. 
  • You are comfortable casting on and binding off.
  • You know how to read a knitting pattern.
  • You are familiar with yarn types.

If you are comfortable with these benchmarks, it is time to decide which pattern will be your inaugural sweater project. 

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Selecting Your First Sweater Pattern

Although it may be tempting to dive right into sweater knitting with a multi-colored, complex cable knit pattern, that would be unwise. For your initial foray into sweater knitting, opt for a simple pattern, such as a boat neck or crew neck. A pattern with garter stitch or simple stockinette is a good choice for your first time. Patterns that call for bulkier yarn will knit up quicker and build confidence. It is also important the you like the appearance of your first sweater, since you will ultimately want to wear it. 

If an adult size sweater seems daunting, try a child's sweater or even a dog sweater first. Most basic baby sweaters involve little more than a simple garter stitch and will only take a few hours to complete. 

Here are a few of our favorite sweater knitting kits:

Time to Swatch

Before rushing into your sweater project, understand that gauge matters when knitting fitted garments. If you expect your sweater to knit up to the correct size, you will want to check your gauge. Take the time to swatch and then launder your swatch the same way you intend to launder your sweater. Measure you swatch and then make adjustments to ensure the sweater will fit correctly.

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Focus on Finishing

Once you have all of your sweater pieces knitted to your satisfaction, it is time for the finishing. Use a horizontal seam to join bound off stitches, such as the shoulders. Use a mattress stitch to adjoin side seams. Extra care with the finishing makes a big difference and will be noticeable. 

Ask for Help

The knitting community is so helpful. If you find yourself struggling with your first sweater project, don't give up. Walk into a local yarn shop or join an online knitalong and ask for some guidance. 

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