Ways to Turn Knitting Into Your Career

August 23, 2022 2 min read 0 Comments

start a knitting career

When most people think of knitting, they think about a fun, creative hobby. But, did you know that there are professional designations for knitters that can lead to lucrative careers? Even without a knitting certification, there are several ways to parlay your knitting hobby into your professional life. If you are thinking about upgrading your knitting hobby into a career, here are some great ideas for how to do that. 

Become a Certified Professional Knitter

If you want to be among the most well-respected knitters in the industry, consider seeking the designation of Master Knitter or Professional Knitter. To qualify for these distinguished certifications, a knitter must meet high competency standards in the following categories:

  • Achieve even tension in stitch patterns
  • Measure knitted fabrics accurately
  • Block according to standards
  • Weave in yarn tails

To enroll in these programs, knitting work must already be exceptional in these areas. Once a knitter has earned these designations, they can earn as much as $100,000/year using their knitting skills and knowledge.

Become a Knitting Instructor

If you are an experienced knitter, consider becoming a knitting instructor. Some instructors are paid to teach in-person at local community centers or knitting shops. Sometimes knitting instructors upload instructional videos as part of paid curriculum. 

Design Knitting Patterns

Most knitters, even ones with significant experience, follow a knitting pattern. Designers have the skills needed to conceptualize a knitting project and develop a pattern for others to follow. Designers are typically freelancers who may work with knitting brands or sell their patterns on their own. 

Freelance Knitter

Everyone loves a hand-knitted garment, but not everyone has the skill to knit one. For people who want a particular pattern knitted but don't have the knitting capability to create it, they may commission a freelance knitter to knit the project for them. 

Knitting Machine Repair Tech

One well-paying career within the knitting industry is a knitting machine repair tech. Commercial knitting machines require continuous maintenance and occasional repairs.  A person who trains to maintain these machines will always have a job within the knitting industry.

Knitting Operator

Another in-demand career within the knitting industry is a knitting operator. To do this job, one must understand knitting standards and be able to identify issues with commercial equipment that cause defects in the final product. A person in this position is expected to support the function of the commercial knitting process. 

Knitting Shop Owner

If you have a true passion for all things knitting and want to become an entrepreneur, you can start either an online or brick-and-mortar knitting shop. Source and sell yarn, knitting needles, looms, and any other knitting supplies. 

Yarn Dyer

A bit of chemistry and a bunch of artistry and creativity is what it takes to become a yarn dyer. The hand-dyers at Zen Yarn Garden are masters of their craft and develop the most brilliant colourways from their small batch dyepots. 

Taking your knitting hobby to a professional level will take some preparation, but we encourage you to follow your knitting dreams- no matter where they take you.

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