5 Must-See Vacation Destinations Just For Knitters

November 16, 2022 4 min read 0 Comments

Alaskan knitting cruise

If you thought that knitting was a quiet hobby for introverted people who like to cozy up in a comfy chair and create for hours, you would be kind of right, but not entirely. Knitting can be a social hobby that attracts like-minded people. As knitters, we can inspire and be inspired by other knitters, and we can take our hobby anywhere in the world. 

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are vacation destinations exclusively for knitters and thought I would share my favorites with you.

Tours by Vogue Knitting

If you dream of gathering with your fellow knitters to tour textile mills, embark upon specialty yarn shopping experiences, and learn advanced knitting from guest expert speakers, check out Tours by Vogue Knitting. Just reading about their recent trips got me excited to learn more. 

Cruise to Canada and New England

In 2022, a group of knitters cruised from New York with knitting guest speakers and participated in knitting workshops on the way. In Newport, they toured the downtown area and visited specialty yarn shops. In Portland, the knitters enjoyed a trolley tour that ended at Port Fiber, where they learned about knitting designs and other fiber art. Next was Bar Harbor, where the knitters were given Knit Fit Knits swag and encouraged to knit while walking to tour the La Rochelle Mansion. Everyone knitted during lunch while overlooking the bay. In Halifax, a private five-hour winery and mill tour followed by a tour of a sheep farm proved to be both thrilling and educational. The last day was spent onboard, sailing back to New York while knitting and learning from more knitting expert guests. 

Knitting Through Norway

The trip began in Oslo, where the knitters were given a private tour of Heimen Husflid, Oslo's largest selection of yarn and knitting patterns. Visits to a folk museum, a famous church followed and then knitters learned new skills in a knitting workshop. The next stop was to a fjord in Ulvik where they visited a sheep farm and enjoyed more workshops. The knitters learned to spin yarn from wool, took a day cruise on two fjords, and rode the railway. The next excursion was to tour two famous sweater factories, followed by a private dinner on a local farm. Cocktails, ice sculptures, and more knitting presentations filled the remainder of the trip.

If these recent trips sound like a dream, explore the upcoming trips to Scotland and Alaska planned for 2023

Knitting Traditions Teaching Trips

If you love learning new knitting stuff and you love traveling, combine them together in these knitting vacations. 

Knitting in Italy

One of upcoming trips starts in Rome, then heads to Umbria, and then finally Florence. The trip is typically scheduled in March because it is such a beautiful time of year to enjoy Italy. The trip is jammed packed with wine tasting, cooking classes, museum and farm tours, as well as a few knitting projects. 

Pacific Crossing Knitting Cruise

If you are looking for a longer knitting vacation, you will love this 28 day cruise. Tour Japan, South Korea, and then enjoy a Pacific Crossing Cruise. The trip begins in Tokyo and then extends to Kobe, Koche, Kanazawa, and Fukuoka. Then you will leave Japan and head to South Korea where you will visit Busan. Cruise back to Japan to visit Otaru, Aomori, Hakadate, Tokyo, and Kushiro. Enjoy the Pacific Crossing as you head to Kodiak, Alaska followed by Sitka and Ketchikan. Cruise the Inside Passage to Seattle, where the trip ends. All along the way you will learn new knitting skills, as eight different classes will be presented. 

Craft Cruises

The company, Craft Cruises, has both land tours and cruises. Both types of knitting vacation combine traveling with the joys of knitting and meeting new knitting friends. They even provide additional activities for traveling companions who may not knit. 

The knitting vacations offer something for knitters of every level and include touring local destinations and learning from knitting instructors from all over the world. Upcoming knitting cruises include the following destinations:

  • Panama Canal
  • Hawaii
  • Antarctica
  • Japan and Pacific Crossing
  • Russia
  • Alaska
  • Polar Ice Caps
  • British Isles
  • Rhine

Knitting land tours involve traveling using multiple types of transportation and include destinations such as:

  • Canadian Rockies
  • Mohair Safari
  • Peru Tour

Craft Cruises also offer Kids Cruises if you are looking for a way to introduce your little one to fiber arts.

Ashville, North Carolina

The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair is a fun time for knitters and is hosted near Ashville, North Carolina each October. Enjoy the fall leaves, food and beer, and the majestic Blue Ridge mountains while attending a hidden gem of a festival. 

Irish Tourism

We were surprised to learn that Irish Tourism offers knitting-specific vacation packages ranging from 6 to 10 nights. One of the most appealing is the 6-night Northwest Ireland Luxury Knitting Retreat. You can expect to visit This Is Knit, Dublin's premier yarn shop, followed by a stay in a luxury castle hotel where high-end knitting workshops are offered. Spa treatments, gorgeous views, and lots of knitting sounds like the perfect knitting vacation.

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