7 Winter Knitting Projects to Keep You Busy and Cozy

November 11, 2022 2 min read 0 Comments

woman warm under a blanket with a hot beverage

Knitting is our favorite winter pastime. It is relaxing, productive, and can be done while cozied up next to the fire in slippers. What could be better than that? Whether you are a beginner knitter or have been knitting for years, you will love the winter knitting projects below.

Big Up! Throw Blanket

This quick finger knit will keep you snuggled up for hours on a chilly afternoon. Plus, it is beautiful with its brilliant hand-dyed colors and so very soft. Select your colourway and start knitting- it should only take two hours to complete. 

Stockinette Sweater

This lovely sweater is great for new knitters who have never knitted a sweater. It is knitted in a simple stockinette stitch using a soft, bulky yarn that will keep you warm all winter. The bulkier yarn creates bigger stitches, which tend to be easier for beginner knitters to navigate. Grab the free pattern here.

Black Hole Beanie

Keeping our heads protected from icy winter winds doesn't mean that we can't do it in style. The Black Hole Beanie is a beaded hat knitted with superfine merino weight yarn- your choice of color. 

Winter Throw Pillow

We can never have enough soft, cozy throw pillows, especially when it is cold outside. If you are looking for a winter, holiday pattern, we love this one. The vintage truck with the holiday tree is so perfect. A video tutorial comes with the pattern. 

Photo Credit: LadyJayCrochet​​

Toasty Composition Socks

Everyone needs at least a few pairs of super soft and cozy socks for the frigid winter months. Select a vivid variegated hand-dyed yarn and knit up these cuff-down socks with an all-over lace pattern. Then, cozy up on the couch with your favorite book and toasty toes. 

Stay At Home Sweater

If your home is a bit drafty during the winter, you will definitely want this quintessential open-front cardigan sweater as a layering piece. Select your colourway and start knitting the simple stitches that comprise this must-have winter piece.

Winter Pine Cowl

A fair isle project worked in the round, this winter pine cowlcan be made from leftover yarn in your knitting stash. This intermediate level project can be knitted for holiday gifts or for yourself. 

Photo Credit: WhileTheyDream​​

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