The Truth About Knitting Subscription Boxes

April 27, 2022 2 min read 0 Comments

Truth about knitting subscription boxes

Have you been considering a subscription to a knitting box? There are so many available out there now and it can be tempting to dive right in. Zen Yarn Garden offered a subscription box at one point in time and then we transitioned to  knitting kits. We are here to talk about the pros and cons of knitting subscription boxes.

Pros to Knitting Subscription Boxes

If you subscribe or have subscribed in the past to a knitting box subscription, we get it. It is such a fun concept. Here are the reasons why knitters love these subscription boxes:

It's a Surprise. Most people love surprises and this box showing up can brighten your day.

Different Yarn. Since the box includes a different yarn each month, you will be exposed to yarns you may not have chosen on your own. It is fun to try new things.

New Patterns. Have you ever shied away from a pattern because it seemed too challenging? If so, receiving new patterns is a great way to encourage you to try new techniques and knit new patterns.

Discounts. Subscription boxes give their subscribers discounted boxes and also promo codes for other products.

Great Gift Idea. When you don't know what to buy a knitter, a subscription box can be a unique idea.

Cons to Knitting Subscription Boxes

Before you subscribe to a knitting subscription, consider the downsides. 

Unwanted Surprise. Sure, surprises can be fun, but what if you have no interest in knitting a baby beanie? The surprise can be unpleasant and unwanted.

Yarn. If you have strong yarn preferences and will only wear certain fabrics, receiving yarn that you won't use becomes a wasteful inconvenience.

Cost. Even though subscription boxes offer steep discounts, it could still be more than you planned to spend on knitting. And if you spend money on knitting, isn't it better to buy exactly what you want to knit?

Difficult to Cancel. Even subscription boxes that claim to be simple to cancel usually aren't. You may think you cancelled but then you see another charge on your statement. So frustrating! 

Pace. Do you knit a new pattern each month? If not, you may find yourself backed up with the subscription boxes and frustrated that they keep coming.

Unfortunately, what seems like something exciting eventually turns into a frustration. If you like prepackaged knitting patterns with yarn, try a knitting kit. It is a one-time kit and you can pick out exactly what you would like to knit.

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