Fun Embellishments to Add to Your Knitting

April 19, 2022 2 min read 0 Comments

embellishments to add to knitting

If you are ready to spice up your knitting a bit, consider adding embellishments. They are quick and easy and great for adding a bit of complexity to any knitted garment. With so many ways to embellish your knitting projects, we list our favorites here.

Duplicate Stitch

Duplicate Stitch

Photo Credit: Stephanie White

Whether you want to add a design once the project is complete or you don't want to carry three colors in stranded colorwork, duplicate stitch is a great way to add something extra once the garment is knitted. Duplicate stitch involves using a tapestry needle to duplicate stitches that are already knitted. You can work duplicate stitch horizontally or vertically to add a design, name, or any type of embellishment that will jazz up your knitted piece.

Knitted Flowers

Perfect for adding to a baby beanie, the collar of a sweater, or even a blanket, knitted flowers are simple to make and easy to add. Here are a few flower knitting patterns to try:

Knitted Flower Tutorial

Small Quick Knit Flower

Basic Knitted Flower

Knitted Buttons

Sure, you could add a standard button to that sweater. Or, you could knit a matching button or button cover. These button covers are a quick knit and use a very small amount of yarn. This adorable acorn pattern is perfect to use as buttons for a fall sweater. If you can knit I-cord, you will love these I cord knot buttons

Pom Poms

Pom poms make a great accessory to hats, sweaters, and even socks. They are whimsical and happy-who doesn't love that? Make a perfect pom pom in a few simple steps:

  1. Use lots of yarn (single-ply yarn makes the fluffiest pom poms)
  2. Trace and cut out a donut using cardboard.
  3. Wrap your donut with the yarn.
  4. Use super sharp scissors to cut the donut.
  5. Secure the pom with a piece of yarn and tie it off.
  6. Remove the cardboard donut.
  7. Secure pom pom to your garment.

Here is a great tutorial for perfect pom poms.


Beads and knitwear make such a fantastic pair! Choose some high-quality beads for the best results and decide how you would like to embellish. Add a few beads to the center of a flower, add crystal beads to a pair of gloves or a sweater. Beadwork is a fun way to add complexity to your garments and create some sparkle. Try this beaded hat kit to get started.

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