7 Holiday Inspired Knitting Patterns

December 02, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

holiday inspired knitting patterns

The holidays are the perfect time of year to knit up warm and cozy patterns. Whether you are knitting some handmade holiday gifts, a few holiday decor items for your home, or a holiday sweater for yourself, knitting is so fun this time of year. We compiled a list of our favorite holiday inspired knitting patterns in hopes that they will bring you joy and inspiration.

Holiday Knitting Pattern #1: Earflap Hats

Photo Credit: Red Heart

Earflap hats are fun and functional and make great gifts. With so many variations, they are a quick knit that can be customized for each family member. Add some spikes to create a dino hat, a dainty bow for the babies in your life, or some stripes for the more mature audience. 

Get the patterns here.

Holiday Knitting Pattern #2: Yarn Basket Ornament

Photo Credit: Yarnspirations

Yarn basket ornaments are a creative way to hide tiny stocking stuffers until Christmas morning. Knit up several in a few hours and get rid of some of that yarn stash. Get the free pattern here. 

Holiday Knitting Pattern #3: Askews Me Sweater

This top down brioche sweater is perfect for any holiday event. The neck features a biased section that continues into the yoke. A single increase continues into the sweater body for a flared asymmetrical shape. Get the pattern and kit here.

Holiday Knitting Pattern #4: Knitted Gift Bag

Why buy paper gift bags when you can knit gift bags that can be reused year after year? Quick knit gift bags can bust through your yarn stash and add a personal touch to holiday gifts. 

Holiday Knitting Pattern #5: Winter Snowflake Mittens

Photo Credit: Just Crafty Enough

Brave the chilly holiday weather with adorable snowflake mittens. Give them as gifts or keep them for yourself to make sure your hands are toasty this winter season. Get the pattern here.

Holiday Knitting Pattern #6: Winter Beaded Beanie

Beaded beanie hats add a touch of flair during the chilly months. Fun to make and cozy to wear, knit this beanie for yourself and your closest friends. The color combination of yarn and beads is infinite so each one you knit will be unique. 

Holiday Knitting Pattern #7: Norwegian Snowflake Stocking

Photo Credit: I Like Knitting

Add some Scandinavian style to your holiday celebrations with a traditional knit stocking. Simple enough to knit one for each family member and even for the pets! These stockings will become heirloom pieces that are enjoyed year after year.

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