5 Knitted Gifts for Teachers

October 01, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

5 Knitted Gifts for Teachers

We all love knitting because it is a fun hobby that brings hours of enjoyment. It can also be a great way to express love and appreciation by giving back to the community through homemade knitted gifts. With the holidays approaching, giving knitted gifts to teachers is a way to stand out in the sea of coffee mugs and gift cards that teachers typically receive. Here are our 5 favorite knitted gifts for teachers that you can knit in an afternoon or two. They are quick and simple projects that add a personal touch and are guaranteed to be appreciated.

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Pencil Scarf

Pencil Scarf for Teachers

This adorable ribbed scarf is shaped like a pencil and will impress any teacher. The pattern is great for beginners who have mastered garter stitch. The free pattern can be found here but may need to be adjusted to suit an adult.

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Floor Pouf

Floor Pouf Teacher Gift

Photo Credit: Flax & Twine

Everyone loves a beautiful, comfy floor pouf. They are so great for resting feet, leaning against and even using as a table. Teachers can use them in the classroom or bring them home for some after classroom relaxation. Here are a few of our favorite floor pouf patterns:

Knitted Shawl

Knitted Teacher Gift Shawl

Handmade knitted shawls have many practical uses. The obvious use is as a fashion accessory wrapped around the shoulders. Shawls can also be used as interior decor accents, to stay warm, or as decorative scarves. Here are some impressive options:

Plant Cozy Cover

Knitted Teacher Gift

Photo Credit: Brome Fields

Perfect for nestling succulent pots, these plant cozies will delight your child's teacher. If you have some excess yarn with no home, use it to knit one of these. The cable knit is elegant yet simple. Knock out several of these cozies in a few hours. Get the free pattern here.

Knit Basket

Knitted Teacher Gifts

Photo Credit: Little Yellow Wheelbarrow

Even if you are a beginner knitter or a slow knitter, these fantastic knit baskets will only take about an hour to complete. The chunky yarn doesn't require many stitches and the project only uses one skein of yarn. Teachers will love these handmade baskets for use in their classrooms or at home. 

When giving the same, boring teacher gifts is no longer an option, grab your needles and your yarn stash and create something memorable for teachers. They deserve it!

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