Back to School Knitting Projects

August 26, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

Back to school knitting projects

As the summer months fade into fall, the back to school buzz is all around. Before your children head back to school, celebrate the last days of summer break knitting something special for them for the new school year. 

Here are a few of our favorite back to school knitting projects.

Knitted Pencil Case

Add a homemade touch to back to school supplies with a knitted pencil case. Grab your child's favorite color yarn, pick a cute pattern, and start knitting. While everyone else has a typical plastic pencil case, your child will think of you every time they reach for a pen or pencil. Head over to Pinterest for hundreds of knitted pencil case patterns and ideas.

Knitted Masks

Since we are all stuck wearing masks for the foreseeable future, we can at least add some flair to it. Send your little ones off to school with a soft, beautiful mask collection that they won't mind wearing. Knitted masks tend to fit little faces better and are softer on skin than most other masks. 

Here is a video tutorial for knitting a facemask. Adjust the pattern to accommodate smaller faces.

Dorm Blanket

If your child is heading off to college, send them off with a knitted blanket made with love. The Big Up! Throw in your student's college colors makes a great addition to any dorm room in need of warmth. Bonus points if you and your college bound kid knit it together.


Walk into any classroom and you will see students snuggled in their hoodies listening to lectures and scribbling notes. Send your child off with the super soft Back At It Hoodie and they will be the envy of all their friends. 

Knit Bag

Why settle for an average tote to hold school supplies? Your student will love having a knitted On the Go Bag in a color of their choosing. This bag is perfect for workout clothes, books, or an after school change of clothes. 

Matching School Supply Set

Send your child off to school with a custom school supply set including notebook covers, glasses case, and knitted flower keychain. These simple patterns are cable knit and super cute. Every time your child sees it, they will remember how much you care. 

Back to school time is a great opportunity to great a few thoughtful gifts guaranteed to bring smiles as classes start up again.

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