How to Knit Without Needles

October 19, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

Knitting without needles

Knitting without needles might sound like an impossible task, but it is actually quite simple with the right technique. Finger knitting and arm knitting are ways to knit without needles and are great techniques for knitters who want to create projects on the go or want a break from their usual knitting routine. Here, we will explore both how to knit without needles and some of the beautiful projects you can create with this underrated knitting method.

What Is Finger Knitting?

Finger knitting is an easy way to create knitted textures without the use of needles. This type of knitting uses your fingers, not a needle, to support the yarn while it is knitted. Lengths of yarn are wrapped around your fingertips in order to form stitches that create your garment. This technique works up quickly because there are no bulky materials or tools involved.

Finger knitting is similar in concept to loom knitting. To finger knit, you will need one hand for moving loops of yarn around on your fingers and the other hand for holding a single loop at all times. Finger knitting works best with chunky yarn and is a great way to teach children how to knit.

When using super bulky yarn, use a PVC pipe or even a broom handle to cast on and then use a flat surface to continue finger knitting. Watch us in action in this video.

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What Is Arm Knitting?

If you have seen those oversized knit blankets with chunky yarn all over Pinterest, you may already be familiar with arm knitting. If you already know how to knit with needles or how to finger knit, arm knitting will be simple for you. With arm knitting, you will use the same process, but your actual arms function as the needles. A few things to remember with arm knitting:

  • If you plan to stop in the middle of a project, make sure you have a stitch holder ready.
  • For consistent stitch sizes, keep your stitches snug around your arm and keep your hands close together.
  • If you don't have chunky yarn on hand, triple or quadruple thinner yarn to create the effect you want.

Our Favorite "Knitting Without Needles" Projects

Knitting without needles is a fun way to mix up your knitting skills. Once you commit to try knitting without needles, new projects open up to you. Here are a few of our favorites.

Party Girl Shrug

Knitting projects without needles

This fun and funky cabled cowl is finger knit with jumbo yarn. A quick afternoon project, the yarn knits up easily to create this pop of color. 

Party Girl Shrug Free Pattern

Party Girl Shrug Knitting Kit

Big Up Throw Kit

knitting without needles

A quick two hour project, this throw is soft and bold. Finger knit the soft Australian merino and then snuggle up to a movie. 

Big Up Throw Free Pattern

Big Up Throw Knitting Kit

Chunky Rug

arm knit rug

Image credit: Simply Maggie

In less than an hour, you can arm knit a chunky rug for your home like the one above. Use as a kitchen or front door rug or even as a textured table cloth. 

What are your favorite "no needle" knitting projects? Share them in the comments.

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