What Is Loom Knitting?

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What is loom knitting

Wait! I can knit with a loom? Most people think of a loom as a tool for weaving. And knitting requires needles. Right? Wrong! We are excited to introduce you to loom knitting. Loom knitting is a quick and super fun way to knit all types and styles of knit garments. From simple patterns to elaborate designs, a loom can be used to knit the same types of projects as traditional knitting. 

Loom knitting is thought to have been used for thousands of years. Historians have preserved "knitting machines" that date back to the 16th century, but rudimentary looms existed before then.

So, why use a loom for knitting?

Benefits to Loom Knitting

Why use a loom when you can knit with needles? There are several benefits to loom knitting.

Instant Gratification

For knitters who are more visual by nature, knitting with a loom may be perfect you. It only takes a few simple steps to actually see the project form on the loom. Knitting with a needle provides a linear perspective whereas with a loom, the pattern shapes up more quickly. 

Loom Knitting Is Faster

Knitting with a loom typically knits up faster. If you need to crank out several knitted items by a deadline, loom knitting will help you to speed knit. It is also easier to see your stitches and keep track of your knitting with a loom. It is unlikely that you will waste time going back to fix stitches when you knit with a loom.

Less Stress on Your Body

For knitters who have issues with their fingers or wrists, loom knitting is a much more gentle process than knitting with needles. Many arthritic knitters or those with carpal tunnel syndrome transition to loom knitting to relieve pain. 

Types of Looms

knitting looms


Knitting looms come in many shapes and sizes, not unlike knitting needles. Some are fixed, some are adjustable, and some have customizable pegs (modular). Looms can be round or long knitting boards. Peg size determines the gauge of your knitting- large pegs create bulkier knitting and thin pegs result in tighter stitches. Looms are typically used for smaller projects, since each peg holds one stitch. To knit a blanket on a loom requires either a large loom or joining several pieces. Just like with needle knitting, patterns for loom knitting specify the type of loom and the yarn needed.

  • Round Looms. Great for hats, scarves, socks, and small projects
  • Large Knitting Looms. Perfect for shawls, blankets, and oversized sweaters
  • Modular Knitting Looms. Use the same loom for various types of projects
  • Double Knitting Looms. Create intricate patterns and detail
  • Sock Looms. Adjustable for any size sock

Knit unlimited types of projects on a knitting loom. Start with something simple to get the hang of it and then progress to more complicated designs. When you are ready to add some versatility to your knitting, give loom knitting a try.

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