Top 20 Best Knitting Blogs for 2023 (Updated)

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Best Knitting Blogs 2023

As we approach 2023, we optimistically look forward to the continued growth and creativity of the knitting community. The knitting community did not disappoint in 2022 and great things are on the horizon. We have added to our previous list of top 14 best knitting blogs and are rolling our our top 20 knitting blogs for the upcoming year. From vibrant yarns to unique patterns, and perfect techniques, knitting in 2023 is going to be fabulous.

Best knitting blogs

Top 14 Best Knitting Blogs for 2023

There are so many from which to choose, but we put together a list of our favorites. Why are they our favorites? These blogs are fresh, frequently updated, full of yarn eye candy and always get our creative knitting juices flowing. 

Best Knitting Blog #1- Ravelry

Ravelry is a favorite destination for knitters, crocheters, designers, and dyers to look for ideas and inspiration. Ravelry allows creators to keep notes about projects, explore the creations of others, find the perfect pattern and connect with others with the same passion for yarn. Their Eye Candy collection is incredible.

Best Knitting Blog #2- Nimble Needles

Norman has been knitting for 30+ years and is the owner of Nimble Needles. His blog is simple to read and includes patterns, tutorials, and product recommendations infused with his enthusiastic personality. We also love that Norman follows Zen Yarn Garden!

Best Knitting Blog #3- Modern Daily Knitting

Modern Daily Knitting merges not only a worldwide community of knitters, but also fabulous writers who share a love of yarn. New patterns, advice, and a bit of comedy are what we love about this blog. They remind us of why we will never stop knitting. With at least one new blog post per day, it is easy to make visiting this blog a daily habit.

Best Knitting Blog #4- The Spruce Knitting

The Spruce is a great website for crafting, in general. Their blog dedicated to knitting is one of our favorites because of how unique their posts are. For example, one of their recent posts is titled, 10 Knitting Patterns Inspired by Outlander. They often infuse knitting and pop culture and we love it!

Best Knitting Blog #5- Tin Can Knits

Tin Can Knits is the collaboration of two Canadian designers; Alexa Ludeman and Emily Wessel. This dynamic knitting duo shares clearly written patterns and heartfelt stories as they inspire other knitters in the most charming ways. Focusing mostly on modern designs and expressing a commitment to diversity and inclusion, this blog is at the top of our list. 

Best Knitting Blog #6- NobleKnits

Their tagline says it all- Knit. Crochet. Create. Nancy Queen started blogging about knitting in 1999 when she decided she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Her daughter and NobleKnits have grown up together. She has owned and operated brick and mortar retail yarn locations, moved her family across the US, and grown an online knitting business. Her honesty and authentic approach to creating is refreshing and we love her. 

Best Knitting Blog #7- Little Cotton Rabbits

This knitting blog hits us right in the feels. Julie, the owner of Little Cotton Rabbits, started knitting as a way to cope with parenting a severely autistic son. Her blog is a gentle and heartfelt mix of blogging and autism awareness and we can't get enough. This blog has beautiful free patterns, patterns for toys and novelties, gorgeous photography and a ton of nostalgia. 

Best Knitting Blog #8- Petals to Picots

This gem of a blog is owned by Kara Gunza, who has an actual Masters of Advanced Stitches & Techniques. That's enough to impress us. Focusing a bit more on crocheting than knitting, Petals to Picots still has an extensive section with beautiful free knitting patterns. Her chunky knit mittens and marina knit shawl are our favorites. 

Best Knitting Blog #9- Olive Knits

Marie Greene, owner of Olive Knits, was first introduced to knitting by her grandmother when she was 11 years old. From that moment on, she never put her needles down. She loves knitting and blogging so much that she actually loves Monday mornings. Her seamless sweaters are amazing, but how she supports her knitting community is even better. Her workshops are very popular and her passion for knitting is contagious. 

Best Knitting Blog #10- The Twisted Yarn

We found The Twisted Yarn because the owner, Phil, is also a writer for Simply Knitting magazine and we thought that was fun. What we love most about this blog are the galleries of gorgeous knitting and also non-knitting photos. She offers some really great patterns, as well.

Best Knitting Blog #11- Brooklyn Tweed

If you are looking for lifestyle stories about knitting told by real people, Brooklyn Tweed is the blog for you. As a company, they are passionate about high quality yarn made in the USA in support of the historic American textile industry. They are committed to equity and inclusivity and their blog posts demonstrate just that.

Best Knitting Blog #12- GG Made It

Gaye Glasspie, aka; the orange lady, is a self-described yarn addict and a true gem. She calls her blog, GG Made It, her "fiber diary" and she writes it in true diary form, letting us in to explore her love of fiber art. Her blog encourages everyone to start knitting because, in her words, "It's not hard. It's new."

Best Knitting Blog #13- Fringe Association

Karen, the proprietor of Fringe Association, is ridiculously creative. She makes all of her own clothes and she enumerates her reasons here in this blog post. The photography included in the blog is stunning and she shares dozens of unique patterns for free. 

Best Knitting Blog #14- Everyday Knitter- Louise Tilbrook Designs

Louise Tilbrook's lovely website features a blog, a pattern shop, and a Facebook group for knitters. She offers a weekly newsletter filled with fun knitting bits. Her blog is special because it is infused with her personality and adorned with original images- some even include here cat. 

Best Knitting Blog #15- Never Not Knitting

Although it seems as if this blog has not been updated for quite a while, there are so many excellent articles that are wholesome and honest about the life of a knitter. Her online store is still operating and we love this Secret Stitch Marker Club Subscription. So much fun knitting stuff on this website and we hope that she resumes her blogging.

Best Knitting Blog #16- My Sister Knits

My Sister Knits promotes itself as a "welcoming atmosphere for knitters of all skill levels" and it delivers on that promise. A regularly updated blog, articles talk about charity projects, knitting books, free patterns, and tips and tutorials. The website offers classes, yarn, and even gift cards. This is a fun online spot for knitters to visit.

Best Knitting Blog #17- Mama In A Stitch

Browsing through this blog is like sitting down with your best knitting friend to work on projects together. The imagery is original and beautiful and the content is supported with clear instructions and tutorials. Spending one minute reading this blog will inspire you to pull out your knitting needles and create something beautiful.  

Best Knitting Blog #18- Knit Like Granny

Jodie is the creator of this blogand she promotes it as offering "simple answers for busy knitters." Her mission is to introduce 1 million people to the joys of knitting as an alternative to fast fashion. She offers free patterns, helpful knitting guides, and knitting resources for knitters of all skill levels. 

Best Knitting Blog #19- Vickie Howell

Vickie Howell offers a great time in the world of fiber arts. Not only does she talk about pop culture and modern day knitting in her blog, she also hosts The Knit Show, a video series on YouTube. Every piece of content she delivers is upbeat and uber fun!

Best Knitting Blog #20- Zen Yarn Garden

Last but certainly not least, be sure to check in on our blog regularly. We post 3-4 blog posts per month packed with inspirations, ideas, and fun stuff for knitters. We can't wait to see what 2023 has in store for our knitting community!


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