Teach Kids to Knit With These Fun Projects

December 28, 2022 3 min read 0 Comments

Teach Kids to Knit With These Fun Projects

Historically, knitting is considered an adult hobby, but it is actually a fantastic activity for children, as well. If you are looking for an activity for your child or grandchild that can be enjoyed while traveling, while confined inside during cold weather, or for children who are easily bored, it may be time to teach them to knit.

Research shows that knitting can help children to develop longer attention spans. If your child gets impatient while waiting for meals or appointments, knitting can help them to ease their frustration and relax. Knitting is also a great way to improve fine motor skills in young children. 

Here is a list of beginner knitting projects that will grab the interest of your child and develop them into knitters.


The most common knitting project for beginners, knitting a scarf is an excellent way for kids to learn to knit. Using one yarn color and a pattern with a basic stitch, children can quickly work through a simple scarf and feel the pride that comes with completing a project. And when it comes time to give gifts, children love having the ability to knit a scarf and gift it to a loved one.

Bean Bags

By knitting two basic knitted squares, children who are learning to knit can create a bean bag. First, knit two same-sized squares. Next, sew three sides together. Add some beans to some netting and insert them into the bag. Sew up the fourth side, and they have a bean bag. Children can knit these for bean bag toss games or even as sensory objects.

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Knitted washcloths are a great project for children to knit. If your child is eager to learn a new stitch, the broken rib pattern works well for knitting washcloths. Kids love knitting projects that they can actually use in their daily lives. 


If your child loves to read, they will enjoy knitting up a bookmark for their book collection. Knitting a bookmark is a great project for kids, because it can be finger knitted. When special occasions or holidays roll around, your child will be able to knit a special bookmark as a gift for loved ones.

Envelope Purse

The envelope purse is a fun project for kids because it is essentially one large rectangle that is sewn and folded into a purse. We love this simple pattern using garter stitch because your child will feel accomplished once they see what they have created. 

Photo Credit: All ​​This For Them

Winter Hat

This hat is great for kids because it doesn't require knitting in the round. Start with some colorful hand-dyed yarn and use a garter stitch. Knit a long rectangle, fold it and sew the seam, and then knit two I-cords on each side. Add a few pom-poms and you have an adorable hat perfect for a beginner knitter. 


Your child will take so much pride in knitting their own blanket. If you child is not color blocking yet, use a gradient yarn to add bright colors. This blanket pattern can be knitted with garter stitch and makes for a great first project. 

Knitted Toy

Knitted loveys are very popular with kids of all ages. Creating their very own toy from a ball of yarn is somewhat of a miracle for a child. This adorable bunny is a relatively easy pattern for kids to knit. They will need to know how to cast on, cast off, knit, and purl stitch. There is also a bit of seaming.

Knitting is a fun hobby for kids meant to bring joy and inspire creativity. The independence they will feel when they are able to knit their own gifts and garments is priceless. The hope is that the knitting community can continue to pass the tradition of knitting down through future generations and it starts with our children and grandchildren.

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