10 Adorable Knitting Projects for Your Pet

January 25, 2022 3 min read 0 Comments

Knitting Pet Projects

The pet industry in North America is estimated to be more than $110 billion this year and is expected to grow at a rate of 5% by 2025. We love our pets and it shows in how we invest our time and money. Knitters are no exception. The knitting community has created an unlimited number of creative and fun projects for our furry friends and we have compiled a list of our favorites. 

Dog Sweater

Cable Knit Dog Sweater

Photo Credit: AllFreeKnitting

There is nothing more adorbs than seeing a pooch strut around in a gorgeous cable knit sweater. These sweaters aren't simply a fashion statement- they keep short hair dogs warm on walks in the cold weather. If you notice your dog shivering on winter walks, it is time to knit a dog sweater. The most challenging part of knitting a sweater for your dog is taking measurements. You will need three important measurements to ensure that the sweater is a perfect fit:

  • Neck Girth
  • Chest Girth
  • Length of Body

Pet Toys

Knitted Pet Toys

Photo Credit: Kris Knits

If your pet loves plush toys, use bits of your yarn stash to knit a supply of toys. Pets especially love knitted toys because they smell like you and are soft and comforting. Pet toy patterns come in all shapes and sizes and are a fun use of leftover yarn.

Dog Hat


At first, I thought that dog owners who adorned their pups' heads with knitted hats were doing so purely for visual pleasure. I mean, dogs in hats are so stinking cute! I have since learned that there are many reasons why a dog may need a hat. Much like humans, dogs lose a significant amount of heat from their heads, so hats keep them warm. Hats are also useful for dogs who have chronic ear infections or who have had their ear surgically removed for various medical reasons. 

Knit Pet Bow Tie

Knitted dog bow tie

Photo Credit: Mama in a Stitch

Not only is this project precious, it is also a great yarn stash buster. Your pet will look so pretty with this quick and easy bow tie. Knit a few up in different colors for every occasion. 

Pet Blanket

Cozy Pet Blanket

Photo Credit: Ravelry

We aren't the only ones who love to snuggle into a soft, cozy blanket. Blankets help to calm our pets on car rides or when they are home alone. Some super soft acrylic yarn and a simple basket weave pattern is all that is needed to knit up a special blanket for your pet. 

Toy Dog Hoodie

Photo Credit: Bernat Design Studio

Toy dogs lose heat quickly and can benefit from comfy knitted hoodie sweaters. Since toy dogs are so small, knitting up a hoodie takes no time at all and only a small bit of yarn. Use heavier yarn for the cold, winter months and a lighter yarn for chilly summer evenings. 

Halloween Costume

knitted dog costume

Photo Credit: Yarnspirations

Don't leave your pet home on Halloween. Knit up a simple and adorable pet costume for your four-legged friend. From pirates to bumble bees and hotdogs, the internet is full of free pet costume patterns guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone. 

Knitted Dog Bed

 Knitted Pet Bed

Photo Credit: Ravelry
This knitted dog bed knits up quickly and will be appreciated by your pet for years to come. Use a bulky pet yarn like Bernat Blanket Pet. Pet yarn is super soft, safe for pets, and has odor fighting technology to help keep the dog bed fresh. 

Knitted Cat Bed

Knitted Cat Bed

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

We are obsessed with our cats and they deserve to be spoiled. Your kitty will feel so loved when they snuggle into this hand knitted cat bed. Cats are comforted by curling up, which makes this cozy circular cat bed so perfect for our feline friends. We love this pattern because it is knitted with straight needles, like a scarf. 

Puppy Toy Basket

Puppy Toy Basket

 Photo Credit: Yarnspirations

Gather all of your pet toys in this charming knitted puppy toy basket. It is so fun to see your pup dive in to pull out her favorite toys. Knit an extra one as a thoughtful gift for another pet owner in your life. If you are a cat owner, check out this precious cat toy basket pattern

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