Knitting as an Act of Kindness

July 30, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

Knitting as an act of kindness

Acts of kindness are essential to our humanity and wellbeing. Authentic generosity involves giving without expectation or any need of repayment in any form. Research shows that being kind has an impact on our psychological and physical wellbeing. The knitting community is known to be kind and generous. If you are looking for knitting related acts of kindness, we put together a list inspired by our community.

Knit One, Give One

A growing movement within the knitting community, Knit One, Give One, simply means that for every project you knit, you give one project away to someone in need. Knit a scarf for a homeless person or contribute to a local NICU "hat tree." The size of the project doesn't matter- all that matters is that you give.

Pay What You Can

Patterns that are offered on a "pay what you can" basis promote kindness and equity within the knitting community. Wolf & Faun Knits offer the Pay It Forward Pattern and the Random Act of Kindness Pattern on a "pay what you can" system to "spread sweetness." Francoise Danoy offers the "Little Acts of Kindness" shawl pattern on a "Pay What Works" basis, in an effort to "find a balance between more financial accessibility and sustainable pricing." We hope this is a growing trend.


While we aren't certain about who originally coined the phrase, "craftivism," we love the concept. Knitters around the world are making their voices heard through nonviolent resistance knitting. We talked about Yarn Bombing briefly in 10 Unusual Knitting Projects You Never Considered, but craftivism takes it to a higher level. The hope is that a more compassionate world can be created through crafting. The Pussyhat project is one example of how knitting and crocheting was an integral part of a movement. Crafting can create strong visual symbols that catapult social justice movements into the spotlight.

Knitting Circle Projects

When you first join a knitting circle, you may think that you will be getting together once in a while to knit. What you may not realize is that knitting circles around the world form a closeness that eventually transcends knitting. Many knitting circles adopt knitting projects for local non-profits and hospitals. Knitting circles have been known to launch fundraising projects for charitable causes and make meaningful differences in many ways.

Start a Knitting Non-Profit

If you have a heart to help and are looking for a long-term way to knit as an act of kindness, start a non-profit.

  • Bridget's Cradles is a non-profit who relies on volunteer knitters to knit a cradle to comfort grieving families who have lost a newborn.
  • Warm Up America provides knitted clothes and blankets to homeless persons in need.
  • Project Linus volunteer knitters make blankets that are given to children who are survivors or abuse or trauma.
  • The Magic Yarn Project provides knitted caps that are decorated to look like princess hair or pirate hats to children battling cancer. 

It doesn't matter how you use your knitting as an act of kindness, it only matters that you do!

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