Bloggers and podcasters love our yarn! Click the links below to check out reviews & free patterns featuring Zen Yarn Garden yarns.


Twisted Stitches Podcast: "The yarn is very airy and plump...I really love the colours!" Click here to view show notes and listen to this podcast, the yarn review begins at the 44-minute mark!

Petals to Picots: "The name of the pattern is inspired by the amazing trio of Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 yarn I used. The colors conjure images of dark and stormy seas with tempestuous winds, churning deep waters, and foaming waves crashing." Click here for the free knitting pattern & yarn review!

Stormy Seas Free Shawl Knitting Pattern

Designs by Phanessa: "This yarn is so amazing to work with. I can definitely see myself knitting with it. I think it will knit up a beautiful shawl!" Read more here.

Little Things Blogged:"This simple cardigan is made using the Jazzy bundle in the most amazing colorways, Jazzy OOAK, Jazzy Splatter & Obsidian. Each bundle includes 3 skeins of fingering weight, made from 70% sw merino, 20% cashmere and 10% nylon. The yarn is really soft and works up pretty lovely! If you want to get your bundle (Jazzy or Vivid) you can now get it 20% off using the coupon code LITTLETHINGS using this link." Read more here!

Jazzy Crochet Cardigan

Hands Occupied: "Pros: It’s freakin’ hand dyed cashmere! It’s gorgeously dyed in epic, coordinating colors! Enough said." Read the full review here on the Hands Occupied Blog. 


Honeybee Knit Podcast: "The cashmere in this yarn is so incredibly soft....once I blocked it, the yarn just bloomed and I literally want a sweater or a blanket out of this yarn, it is so soft!" Watch the video below or click here to view on YouTube!

Bonny Knits Blog:"Serenity 20 is a fingering weight that’s 70% superwash superfine merino, 20% cashmere and 10% nylon. I don’t think I’ve ever knit with a cashmere blend before, so I had no idea what a decadent experience it is. Soft? Oh my yes! The yarn was lush and full and squishy, and every time I picked it up, my hands were so happy. This was what I picked up at night as my treat knitting, because the combination of relaxing garter stitch in such a yummy yarn pleased me so much. It wasn’t splitty at all and behaved nicely when I had to frog a bit. It might be handwash only but it’s worth it!" Read more here!

Bonny Knits Shawl Project in Vivid Colour Bundle

5 Little Monsters Blog: "The colors in the bundle I received were so bright and fun...I loved they way they worked up and was very happy with the colors. It is also very soft to the touch and has a great drape." Click here for a free crochet pattern on the 5 Little Monsters Blog!

Free Crochet Pattern by 5 Little Monsters Blog

Yarn Purpose Podcast:"It's a beautiful MCN (Merino/Cashmere/Nylon) blend, one of my favorites to knit shawls with!" 


The Corner of Knit & Tea: "It is delightful and bouncy!" Watch the video below or click here for show notes!



Hands Occupied Blog:"This yarn is a lot of fun, and opens up a lot of opportunities to play with stripe, gradient and color in your knitting." Click here to read more on the Hands Occupied Blog!

Handmade by Stefanie Blog:"This is a super-squishy yarn that feels soft to the touch, but has enough twist to it that it's not splitty, and I doubt it will pill much with time. It withstood ripping back to fix mistakes and dropped stitches, as well as plenty of abuse from being stuffed in my bag for knitting at the tap room." Click here to read the full review & see her finished Purlbreak shawl!

The Corner of Knit & Tea: "I have worked with Zen Yarn Garden’s Superfine Merino Fingering base before and I love it. It’s super soft and bouncy and stands up well to being knit and ripped (oops!). This time I was struck by the amazing colors...I had this amazing orange tonal to knit with. I couldn’t even count the shades of orange, red, pink and coral I could see in the yarn." Read the full review here on the Corner of Knit & Tea Blog, and be sure to check out this episode of The Corner of Knit & Tea Video Podcast!

Knitting in Stitches Podcast: "This is my second review for Zen Yarn Garden and I really adore their yarns, it's got a wonderful twist, it's nice and soft but it feels like it's got some good structure to it, it's perfect for a project like this (it's a shawl), but of course with your nylon in there you could use it for socks or garments or anything!" Click here to watch the full episode on YouTube.

Little Things Blogged: "This shawl  is very special to me and literally when I received the lovely Magic Dye Pot series yarn from Zen Garden Yarn  I knew it had to be turned it a lovely shawl! The idea was to add everything to a shawl a crocheter would want; so it includes some easy single crochet, some double crochet stitches, some cluster stitches, a tad of v-stitches and even some post stitches. Click here for the free crochet pattern over on Little Things Blogged.

Overflow Shawl - Free Crochet Pattern by Little Things Blogged


Angela Tong Designs Blog: "I was pleased with how the lace looked [in this yarn]. The knitted swatches had an almost silky feel to it. It's hard to believe that it is just 100% wool. The yarn also stood up to me frogging and washing it a few times. It's a very high quality merino wool." Click here to read more on the Angela Tong Designs Blog!

Benjamin Krudwig Designs: "The [woven] fabric really came to life once it was off the loom and fulled slightly... The amount of squoosh the finished fabric has is crazy! This is heightened of course by the fact that the yarn is a superwash merino sock yarn that has a ton of spring to it."Read more and get the free weaving pattern here on the Benjamin Krudwig Designs blog.

The Corner of Knit & Tea: "Even from the start, I was really pleased with this yarn [shown below]. It is super soft and bouncy and draped beautifully for the shawl. I loved the way the set included a speckled yarn, a more variegated yarn and two solids." Read the full review here on The Corner of Knit & Tea Blog; be sure to check out this episode of the Corner of Knit & Tea Podcast to the finished project!

Cosmos & Cashmere Blog: "For babies it's so important that yarn for next-to-skin projects is really soft, and this definitely is. It's lovely to knit with, too- think of a sock yarn you really like, and that's this. No splitting, no snagging, smooth stitches." Click here to read the full review on the Cosmos and Cashmere Blog!

High Fiber Diet Podcast: "I really, really enjoyed working with this yarn....some of the softest yarn I have knit with in a long time!" Click here to listen to the full review on the High Fiber Diet Podcast.

Illuminate Crochet Blog: "The yarn is very smooth and easy to work with. It is soft, yet it also provides good stitch definition." Click here to read the full review on the Illuminate Crochet Blogclick here for the free crochet pattern for the Ombre Lightning Scarf (shown below)! 

Free crochet pattern on the Illuminate Crochet

Knitting in Stitches Podcast: "It was such a treat to work with, this yarn has a beautiful texture which gives you some excellent stitch definition." Click here to see Moira's project & see the full review over on the Knitting in Stitches Podcast!

Little Things Blogged: "When the lovely peeps from Zen Yarn Garden reached out to try their Gradient Trio yarn, I just couldn't imagine how lovely this yarn is! I immediately started thinking what to make and then it hit me!I would make a triangle shawl which would reflect the color transition of the yarn!" Read more and get the free crochet pattern (shown at right) here on Little Things Blogged.

Petals to Picots Blog: "This crochet ripple scarf pattern is a stunner!! It’s so luxurious and on trend that you are sure to get compliments wherever you go. As the name suggests, I designed this scarf using three coordinating colors from Zen Yarn Garden’s gorgeous gradient sets."Click here for the free crochet pattern (shown below) on the Petals to Picots blog!

Free crochet pattern from the Petals to Picots blog