Who We Are

Zen Yarn Garden's dye studio is based is Ontario, Canada and run by full time husband and wife team Roxanne and Neville Yeun. We take pride in providing the most luxurious fibres available for our yarns and dyeing them in a range of beautiful semi-solid and one-of-a-kind colourways.

Our yarn is special. We know that every hank you buy is destined to have many hours in your stash and on your needles before it becomes a garment or accessory item that you will wear proudly. With each skein, we strive to reflect the same passion that you have for your projects and craft in our yarns.

Neville Yeun (pictured left or top below) is our Lead Dyer, Production Manager & Color Chemist. He works hand in hand with our studio team to make sure that each hank of Zen Yarn Garden shines — whether you are buying a dozen for a sweater or a single treasured skein. Dyes are applied carefully and accurately to re-create colorways you love, while our painterly one-of-a-kind colourways reflect the artistry and celebration of the process. The depth, tone, and colour of Zen Yarn Garden is dyed on hand-picked, luxury yarn bases, spun in Italy and Canada.

Neville's wife and co-owner Roxanne Yeun (pictured right or bottom below) is our Creative Director. Responsible for managing the growth of our company and relationships with stores and customers across the world, Roxanne is constantly working to keep your attention through innovative new products and beautiful design collaborations.


Each order you place is hand-prepared, and takes between 6-8 weeks from the date of order to date of fulfillment. Studio Dyer Deb(not pictured), Studio Coordinater Shirley and Studio Assistants Janice, Kailyn (not pictured), Gail (not pictured) & Kelley(not pictured) help to handle all the different phases of yarn production, from the raw, undyed yarns to those that are dyed, packaged, and shipped out to shine on yarn store shelves.


Accounts & Virtual Assistant Charmaine Wong is always ready and willing to help you out with any invoicing questions and your email inquiries.

Are you a shop owner seeking to stock our yarns? Fill out our application form and we will be in touch shortly! While we strive for accuracy in all of our online photography, there is nothing quite like feeling the yarns for yourself!


The video below is a great intro to our company and what we are about as well as gives some insight into our colourways. Since filming at TNNA in 2013, we are happy to report that we have moved into a larger warehouse space to ensure your orders arrive in a timely fashion.

**Please note we only employ or have employed workers who live in Canada (names are provided above). Please inquire with us about anyone claiming to work for our company who is from another country - Facebook has become rampant with scammers claiming to work for companies they do not. Thank you!