Top 10 Websites for Free Knitting Patterns

April 07, 2021 3 min read 0 Comments

Free Knitting Patterns

One of our favorite things about being part of the knitting community is the generosity. As knitters, we want our community to thrive and persist. We join together, help each other, and support the knitting community in countless ways. In a world where very few things are free, the knitting community overwhelmingly offers free patterns to knitters. We love this and have put together a list of our favorite websites that offer free knitting patterns.

1. Care Wear

Founded in 1991, Care Wear is an organization comprised 100% of volunteers who knit, crochet, and sew handmade items for hospitals. Neonatal intensive care units struggle to find garments suitable for the very tiny babies who are in their care. Care Wear developed small scale patterns and made them available to more than 2400 active volunteers. Care Wear volunteers now knit for NICU infants, premature infants, child cancer patients, and geriatric patients. Their website has a knitting Patterns page complete with free patterns including:

  • Baby booties
  • Garter stitch hat
  • Newborn "pumpkin" hat
  • Child's hat with braids
  • Knitted snuggler
  • Burial gown
  • Pediatric IV wrist covers

2. Craft Yarn Council Project Center

The CYC has promoted and educated about yarn crafts for more than 35 years. They have done a fabulous job of providing a virtual meeting place for knitters. Their project center is an amazing resource and includes dozens of free knitting patterns ranging from shrugs to finger puppets, and even throw pillows. 

3. Free Vintage Knitting

The Free Vintage Knitting website is dedicated to identifying and providing hundreds of vintage knitting patterns from the mid-1900's that have now entered public domain. Every pattern is offered for free in digital format. We love this website because it resurrects vintage knitting and offers patterns that are not otherwise accessible.

 4. Mama's Stitchery Projects

We love the generosity of websites like Mama's Stitchery Projects. They aren't selling anything and do not restrict selling projects created using their patterns. But what we love most about this site is their commitment to keeping chickens warm

Every chicken should be this well-cared for complete with hand knitted garments in bold colors. They offer lots of other free patterns, but the patterns for chickens are our favorites.

5. Ravelry

If you have been knitting for more than five minutes, chances are that you know about Ravelry. They are self-described as "an inclusive, friendly website for knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, and dyers made up of millions of yarn lovers from all over the world." Ravelry offers more than 86,000 free patterns to their members. Membership is free.

6. Martha Stewart

Always discerning about the designs and products she promotes, Martha Stewart has curated some gorgeous knitting patterns, complete with videos. Our favorite is this Arm-Knit Blanket. She also offers free patterns for knit slippers, scarves, and mittens. Her site is worth checking out if you are looking for unique, upscale patterns.

7. Let's Knit

Offering thousands of free knitting patterns, Let's Knit Magazine is a treasure trove for patterns in any category. A few of their categories are:

  • Toys
  • Christmas
  • Dolls
  • Homeware

This Lamb Baby Blanket is our absolute fave. Simply click on the download button and the pattern pdf is on your device. It is so convenient.

8. Zen Yarn Garden

If you haven't visited our Ravelry store, we have patterns for free for a few of our yarns! Click here to view all of them. If you prefer to view all our patterns including free and paid for, you can click here.

9. Amazon

We don't necessarily love Amazon, as a website, but we do love that individual knitters are offering free patterns through the merchant platform. There are hundreds of free knitting patterns available for Kindle users to immediately download. If you don't own a Kindle, simply download the Free Kindle Reading App on any device and download as many free patterns as you would like.

10. How Stuff Works

Always committed to finding answers about how stuff works, the website has dedicated a page to free knitting patterns. We would have never guessed that this particular site would offer hundreds of free knitting patterns, but we are so glad that we found them. They break the free patterns into categories and provide great visuals.  

Now that you have thousands of free knitting patterns at your disposal, it is time to get busy.

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