Looking for some new sock knitting patterns?

December 29, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

Looking for some new sock knitting patterns?

Rachel Boulahanis has just published her "Farmhouse Socks" knitting pattern book. It has 15 sock patterns including slipper socks, hard working socks, and every day socks. The patterns range from simple to advanced, and designate the difficulty of each pattern on their introductory pages. 

The book also includes several resources and tools. For gift knitters, there is a full section of standard foot sizes according to shoe size. When knitting a sock for someone else, all you'll need is their shoe size to determine which pattern size to choose, and how long to knit the foot of the sock. There are also two specially designed pages to write down foot measurements to remember for later. 

The last page of each pattern includes a large space for notes, as well as a ruler. The knitter can write down which size they made for different people, any modifications they made, etc. When the pattern asks the knitter to knit until the sock reaches a specific measurement, the ruler is right there in the pattern.

Immediately after all of the patterns, there is a section with larger formatted charts for every pattern, for anyone who prefers to look at much larger charts. Following that is a section of written and picture tutorials for many of the techniques in the book. 

On top of all that, Rachel has included beautiful stories of the memories, people, and places that inspired the patterns. 

Farmhouse Socks can be purchased at https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/farmhouse-socks-rachel-boulahanis/1140503176?ean=9781087996523 for anyone within the United States, or at https://www.amazon.com/Farmhouse-Socks-Rachel-Boulahanis/dp/108799652X/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=farmhouse+socks+book&qid=1638557281&sr=8-2 for anyone international. Many of the patterns are also available for purchase in Rachel's Knitwear by Rachel Ravelry store.

Several of these patterns you can easily substitute Zen Yarn Garden yarns... for instance:

  • Serenity 20 is a perfect substitute for the patterns requiring fingering weight yarns, such as the "Every Day Sock", "Heirloom", "Mellifera", and more. 
  • Superfine DK is perfect for "Delphinium" or "Harvest Days 2", and would make a beautifully warm sock.
  • Serenity Worsted would knit up into the coziest, softest, squishiest "Farmhouse Slipper" or "Sunrise Slipper". 

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