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Knitting Patterns for Gradient Sets

July 17, 2017 2 min read 13 Comments

Knitting Patterns for Gradient Sets

Lots of knitters see gorgeous gradient knits, but it can be hard to figure out how to create that effect in your own knitting. Gradient knits are uniquely beautiful because of the yarn - when you have a set that is perfectly matched, you can knit with confidence knowing that it will turn out beautifully. Our gradient sets mostly come in skeins of 3 for a total of 600 yards.

If you love playing with colour, you should check out the gradients we have put together that are dyed on our Serenity Silk Single ply (75% superwash merino/15% cashmere/10% silk), which is heavenly. Each skein has approximately 215 yards:

Top to bottom: Grey Wolf (SSS), Mossy Oak (SSS), Charcoal (SSS).

Or if you are looking for a more subtle gradient effect, you might prefer colours on our Serenity 20 base (70% superwash merino/20% cashmere/10% nylon), with each skein having approximately 200 yards:

Top to bottom: Mystic Ocean (S20), Charcoal (S20), Ametrine (S20).

These are just a small sampling of our gradient sets, you can check them all out here. As for pattern suggestions, we've got you covered:

Far left: Party of Five Cowl. Top right: Seabrook. Bottom right: Fuss Free Festival Shawl. All those patterns are for sale by their designers, but if you are looking specifically for a free pattern The Arliquin Shawl would be perfect for for our 3-skein gradients sets:

Knitting Patterns for Gradient Sets: Zen Yarn Garden

If your crochet hook is itching for a bit of gradient action, this Ombre Crochet Shawl is the perfect solution, and uses our gradient trio:

We also have some special quartets we've put together, which total 800 yards:


From top to bottom: Gradient Quartet Vocal (SF), Gradient Quartet Royal (SF), Gradient Quartet String (SF).

Some pattern ideas for the quartets might be (pattern links below):

gradient knit ideas

From left to right: Free Your Fade, Luckydragon Shawl, So Faded Pint Sized.

And for our 4-skein gradient sets, a great free option is the Tailwind Shawl:

Gradient Set Knitting Pattern Ideas : Zen Yarn Garden

What are you favourite gradients, and do you have a favourite pattern for gradients that we missed? Let us know!

Very Pink recently had a fantastic video on our Plumo Gradient Scarf, a completely free pattern. Check it out!

If you want more, we have a whole Pinterest board full of great gradient pattern ideas! Check it out here.



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