How to Condo Knit

June 23, 2022 2 min read 0 Comments

How to Condo Knit

If you have been knitting for many years, you may have heard of condo knitting. This type of stitch was very popular in the 1970s and 1980s and has recently made a comeback. 

What Is Condo Knitting?

In its basic form, condo knitting is nothing more than a simple garter stitch- knitting every row. In condo knitting, however, two dramatically different size knitting needles are used. The varied size of the knitting needles creates alternating standard stitches and large, open stitches. The end result is a light and drapey garment, similar to macrame. When you first get started, condo knitting can look like a bunch of dropped stitches, but since they are uniform, the appearance is lovely. Condo knitting is a great method for any garment that you want to be open and airy, such as a scarf, shawl, cardigan, or summer blanket. 

Get Started with Condo Knitting

This type of stitch works best with soft, mid-weight yarn. Stiffer or thicker yarns can be difficult to work with when condo knitting. There is no exact formula for needle size with condo stitches. The thicker the yarn, the bigger your knitting needles will need to be. To begin, choose a set of needles that you would use if you were knitting standard stitches. Then, choose a needle that is much larger. The degree of difference between the two needle sizes is what produces the most dramatic effect. We recommend knitting a swatch before you dive into the actual garment so that you achieve the stitch size you want. 

Steps for Condo Knitting

Cast On: Use small, matching needles to cast on. Use the cast on method of your choosing. 

Row 1: Use small, matching needles to knit every stitch.

Row 2: Use the large needle to knit every stitch. As you add rows, working with the large needle will become easier. Make sure that your stitches are large enough to fit on the large needle. 

Repeat Row 1 and Row 2 as you alternate between needle size.

Finishing: Work your final row with the small needle and then bind off with the small, matching needle. 

Most knitting patterns that call for condo knitting are discontinued, vintage patterns. Once you have practice with condo knitting, you may feel comfortable adapting some of your existing patterns to this trendy stitch.

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