7 Comfy Winter Sock Knitting Projects

November 03, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

comfy winter knitted socks

As we settle into the chilly weather this season, there is nothing cozier or more comforting than soft, hand knitted socks. Toasty knit socks are like a big hug for our feet and everyone needs at least one pair. With so many sock patterns available, it can be tricky to know which pattern will suit you best. Here are our favorite 7 comfy winter sock knitting projects.

Composition Socks

cozy knitted socks

Our composition socks knitting kit is a great cuff down sock with an all-over lace pattern. The stitch pattern works well with tonal variegated yarns and the hybrid fleegle heel is integrated in the leg. The kit includes the pattern and (2) skeins of yarn. You will be so glad that you knitted up these delightful socks this winter.

Slipper Socks

Knitted slipper socks

Photo Credit: LeeLee Knits

If you love a bulky weight slipper sock to keep your toes toasty while you curl up with a book, you will love these knitted socks. These socks knit up quickly, as they use a bulky weight yarn. The free pattern includes instructions to knit the socks from the toe up using circular knitting needles. 

Cable Knit Socks

Photo Credit: Canadian Living

Wool socks with carefully placed cables are always a crowd pleaser. This pattern has a bold Saxon braid that we love. Grab some of your warmest yarn and start knitting these classic socks. Your finished product is perfect for hanging around by the fire or relaxing with family. 

Reading Socks

Photo Credit: Knit Freedom

We all have that pair of socks that we never want to take off. These super thick knitted socks will quickly become your favorite socks. This pattern will only day 1-2 days to knit up and make perfect gifts. These are the kind of socks that can only be hand knit- you can't buy them anywhere. 

Baby Socks

Photo Credit: The Knitting Space

Knitting baby socks is a quick and easy knitting project that is also super fun. If you have a baby in your life, they will adore these baby socks. Hand knitted socks typically fit a baby better than store bought socks and they are cozier. 

Holiday Socks

Photo Credit: Garn Studio

The holidays are best spent keeping warm by the fire in a pair of hand knitted holiday socks. We love this classic pattern with beautiful colorwork. Grab some soft yarn and a cute holiday pattern and keep your feet cozy this holiday season.

Little Foxy Socks

Photo Credit: North Star Knits Shop

Little ones need warm toes, too. This adorable fox pattern knits up into the most adorable lounging socks for your children. The pattern was designed with comfort in mind and will be loved during the chilly months.

Whichever cozy socks you choose to knit, selecting the perfect yarn is key. Visit Zen Yarn Garden for the softest and most brilliantly hand dyed yarn for every sock project.

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