Snow Mantra Shawl Kit Various Colours & Undyed (yarn only)

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A unique design with several twists and turns and increasing and decreasing. The end result is spectacular and we have set up a Tutorial Tuesday to help with the important steps of this design to achieve the best results.

Designed by: Svetlana Gordon

Our sample is knit in Mantra lux blanx with a Serenity Silk + skein of undyed natural and a skein of Serenity Silk + skein in mantra pink. This listing gives you the opportunity to knit the shawl with a gradient cake of your choice with 2 skeins of Serenity Silk + in undyed as suggested in our Tutorial Tuesday session!

Your kit will include:
(1) 1 lux cake in colourway chosen + 2 sks Serenity Silk + in Natural

Please be sure to purchase your pattern directly from Ravelry at this link:

Each lux blanx is made from our Serenity Silk + base as follows:
75% sw merino/15% cashmere/10% silk
2-ply light fingering weight | 750 yards
hand wash & air dry 

The Serenity Silk + base is the same composition as the lux blanx with 500 yards per skein.

Needle Size Recommended:  US2.5 (3 mm)

Size: 70" (180 cm) width x 30" (75 cm) height

Please find our Tutorial Tuesday session on YouTube: 

***please note this is a pre-order kit and we will need to dye and ship to you - please be patient while waiting for your kit to arrive***

*modelled photos are Copyright Gale Zucker Photography*