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After a long dismal winter, you can welcome Spring to your knitting; knit with all the promise and hope of Springtime! This colourway is reminiscent of an early stroll in the first warmness of April. Sunshine peers down on fresh new grass peeping out of rich earth and lends vigor to whatever happens to be on your needles. Moss green fades to the cooler shades of fern green and intermingles with a rich earthy brown. This would be perfect made into a scarf, cowl or shawl for your hazel-eyed loved ones.

This is the second in our limited edition series of colourways inspired by various photography and available in single skeins. Once this colourway is gone, we will not be dyeing it again! Perfectly suited for such projects as shawls, cowls, scarves or fingerless mittens.

Included in your purchase will be the following:

Serenity Silk + (1 skein)
75% sw merino/15% cashmere/10% silk
Approx. 500 yds (light fingering)
US 1-3 needle recommended
hand wash/air dry

We are currently taking pre-orders for this yarn until May 18, 2015 with shipment in mid June, 2015.

Please note this colourway is shown on the Serenity Silk + yarn base you are pre-ordering.

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How do I wash my projects with your yarn?

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Please also keep in mind that some products like Soak or Eucalan can draw the dyes out of your project especially if you let them sit in the soap for a long period of time. If you like using these products, please be sure to wash quickly and don't leave the article sitting in soapy water for hours. Soap pulls on the dye molecules and if left too long will pull some colour from your project.

For colour preservation, we recommend a dash of vinegar while hand washing or machine washing. It helps alleviate fading from happening too quickly.

How do I block my project?

We highly recommend steam blocking over wet blocking. Steam blocking sets the stitches just as well as wet blocking and also increases the longevity of both the colour and the wool. Remember, handdyed yarn is not unlike clothing in that the more it gets washed with soap the more it will fade so please wash sparingly and only when needed.

What if I run out of yarn when working with a pattern?

Please note that issues with gauge, winding or pattern yardage requirements are not our responsibility. Yardages on our yarns are approximations only and such things as yarn winding are to be done using a swift and ball winder to ensure the yarn does not get tangled. Please also note that our yarns are handdyed and dye lot variations can occur between skeins. Colourways with high variation in colour can also vary from the beginning to the end of the skein. This is the nature of hand dyeing. Colour application is  unique throughout skeins and between skeins.

I ordered 2 or more skeins of the same colourway and they are not matching, why is this?

Please note that we recommend alternating every 2 rows if you are knitting the same colour way and want some colourway consistency. All our yarns are handdyed and although we'd like for every skein to be exactly the same we cannot guarantee such due to the unique nature of hand dyeing. This is applicable to both saturation and colour placement on the skein. We do our utmost to make them similar when they are dyed together but some styles of dyeing are highly variable. The more colour you add to the skein the more variance there is. Don't be afraid of the unique nature of the colourways, this is what makes your skein a work of art and is the guarantee that your skein was dyed by hand!

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Please note that if you order any other items with your pre-order item, or multiple pre-order items, all items will ship together when the pre-order item with the latest shipping date has been dyed and is ready to ship. If you prefer for another item to ship immediately that is not pre-order or prefer to receive your pre-order items earlier than the latest, please place individual orders for each item so that you are assessed the proper shipping rates to ship either immediately or when the item is ready to ship.

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