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Dyepot Dabbler - Deb's Sensations B

Yarn Type
2 Left--HURRY

Our dyers always have a lot of fun in the dye studio dabbling with colour and how to apply colour to yarn! All colourways in the "Dabbler" series are never before seen and are new ways of applying colour that have not been sold before. Here is your chance to get the first skeins we have dyed in these styles!

Deb has been withZen Yarn Garden for a few years now and has a keen eye for colour and an adept hand at applying it to the yarns. She has created 8 new colourwaysfor this series herself and is excited to share them with you!

You will have a choice of 3 different base yarns:

75% sw superfine merino/15% cashmere/10% silk
fingering weight | approx. 500 yds per skein

90% sw superfine merino/10% nylon
fingering weight | approx. 400 yds per skein

70% sw superfine merino/20% cashmere/10% nylon
fingering weight | approx. 400 yds per skein

It is recommended that you hand wash all yarn bases to help preserve the colour and longevity of your project.

If knitting with more than one skein in your project, we also recommend alternating skeins throughout to help evenly disperse the colour on larger projects. Remember, every skein is hand-dyed and hand-dyed means every skein is a unique work of art. Please read our blog post for more info.

We have pictured all our bases in each photo (from left to right): 2 skeins Serenity Silk +, 2 skeins Superfine Fingering, 2 skeins Serenity 20. Each base takes colours slightly differently and we have tried to show this in our multi-skein photos. You are ordering a single skein at a time.