Knitters Series - Geranium Garden

Inspired by you! This is the third in our series of colourways inspired by our followers on Facebook. Would you like to join in? Follow us on Facebook and watch for the next entry post. If you are chosen, you receive 2 free skeins of your colourway.

Once this colourway is gone, it's gone forever - we will be moving onto the next inspiration in the series as we have so many to choose from and each is unique and beautiful.

Geranium Garden was inspired by Karen Barna who said this about her colourway: "I first heard of Butchart Gardens back in the 70’s and always wanted to go! Never had a chance to see those beautiful gardens except in pictures everywhere! Until my daughter and son-in-law decided to take an Alaskan cruise with the family for their 15th anniversary! Low and behold the last stop was Victoria BC! And there was a tour of the gardens! This was in May 2018, and no one wanted to go on the tour with me! I finally convinced my granddaughter to go with me! We had so much fun we took hundreds of pictures! These were so vibrant I couldn’t resist hoping that you could try to imitate their fluorescent vibrant colors in a yarn to knit up and treasure and even pass down with the memories to my granddaughter! Anything so beautiful is worth waiting for!"

Thank you Karen! We are honoured to create a colourway that commemorates this special moment.

Included in your purchase will be the following:

Serenity Silk + (1 skein)
hand wash/air dry
70% sw superfine merino/15% cashmere/10% silk
Approx. 500 yds (fingering weight)
US 1-3 needle recommended

Please note this colourway is shown on the yarn base you are pre-ordering and because these are handdyed the skeins will all vary in depth of colour and colour placement from skein to skein. We highly recommend alternating skeins every 2 rows if you want colour consistency with 2+ skeins in your project. There is no pattern included with your yarn purchase.