$13.99 Surprise Sale Bulky Weight Skeins (Superfine)

With extra skeins from production runs and test batches, the dye studio is offering an exciting chance to save on these normally-priced $24 skeins--now just $13.99 each! You won't be able to select the colors, but you can provide a note at checkout if you have a preference. However, availability is limited so be sure to seize this great opportunity at the best selection!

Images give an idea of what's in store; the contents of the package are always a surprise!

Approximately 100g of irresistible goodness awaits you in each skein of our Surprise Sale Skeins, each with a minimum of 55 yards of Bulky-weight yarn!

Dearest customers: Help us celebrate our product by leaving a review of your last purchase and we'll give you a code with 15-20% off! To submit, just navigate to the item page on our website, scroll to the bottom, and hit "write a review".

Watch our product page video to learn how to post your feedback and keep saving on these skeins!

*Note: This sale is final and no returns will be accepted and you cannot request your base yarn type.